Harvest moon 2022:sep full moon thrills stargazers around the world


    The complete moon of September lit up the nighttime sky this weekend in a stunning lunar sight loved by skywatchers across the world.

    September’s complete moon peaked on Saturday, however, did seem absolutely illuminated to informal observers withinside the day earlier than and after its lunar show. It additionally marked the Harvest Moon of 2022, considering the fact that this complete moon turned closest to the September equinox on Sept. 22 so it will mark the converting seasons on Earth.”Many cultures preserve fairs linked with the Harvest Moon,” NASA officers wrote on Twitter(opens in new tab).

    Why Is It Called the Harvest Moon?

    The complete Moon names used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from some places, inclusive of Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, every complete Moon call turned into implemented to the whole lunar month wherein it passed off and via all the Moon’s phases—not handiest the complete Moon. The Harvest Moon, however, is a bit different!

    The Harvest Moon
    The complete Moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox (September 22 or 23) usually takes the called “Harvest Moon.” Unlike different complete Moons, this complete Moon rises at almost the identical time—around sunset—for numerous evenings in a row, giving farmers numerous more evenings of moonlight and permitting them to end their harvests earlier than the frosts of fall arrive.

    While September’s complete Moon is usually referred to as the Harvest Moon, if October’s complete Moon takes place to arise toward the equinox than September’s, it takes the name “Harvest Moon” instead. In this case, September’s complete Moon is known as the Corn Moon.

    The Corn Moon

    This time of 12 months—overdue summer time season into early fall—corresponds with the time of harvesting corn in a whole lot of the northern United States. For this reason, some of the Native American peoples historically used a few versions of the name “Corn Moon” to consult the Moon of both August and September.

    Other Moon names for this month spotlight how September is the transitional length among summer time season and fall:

    Autumn Moon
    Falling Leaves Moon
    Leaves Turning Moon
    Moon of Brown Leaves
    Yellow Leaf Moon
    The conduct of animals is likewise a not unusual place theme, with Child Moon (Tlingit) relating to the time while younger animals are weaned, and Mating Moon and Rutting Moon (each Cree) describing the time of 12 months while positive animals, like moose, elk, and deer, are searching to mate.


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