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OnePlus OxygenOS 13: Features and compatibility.


OxygenOS (Chinese: 氧OS; pinyin: yǎng OS) is an Android-primarily based totally running device advanced via way of means of Chinese smartphone producer OnePlus completely for his or her smartphones. OxygenOS became advanced for his or her foreign places marketplace.[1] There used to additionally be every other model of the OS designed particularly for the Chinese marketplace referred to as HydrogenOS (Chinese: 氢OS; pinyin: qīng OS).[2]

In an interview posted on three September 2016, XDA Developers found out OnePlus became “actively merging each platform (OxygenOS and HydrogenOS) right into a single cohesive running device primarily based totally on Android”

Here is the whole thing you want to recognize approximately the OxygenOS thirteen software, together with what gadgets it’s miles coming to and what capabilities it’s miles bringing with it.

OxygenOS 13 release date: When will the software launch?

OnePlus hasn’t given a definitive time body for while we will assume the OxygenOS thirteen software program to appear.

It is stated to be arriving at the OnePlus 10 Pro “soon”. OnePlus has then stated it’s going to come to the OnePlus 10T “later this year”. It is consequently assumed it’s going to arrive earlier than the cease of 2022, even though a few gadgets may not get it till 2023.

The beta of OxygenOS thirteen hit the OnePlus 10 Pro on 10 August in India and North America. There are insects even though so it’s miles endorsed you do not set up it for your major device. If you need to put in it, however, you could comply with those commands on the OnePlus Community page.

What features will OxygenOS 13 bring with it?

OxygenOS is stated to have been designed with what the agency is looking an “Aquamorphic Design”, presenting a clean and flexible appearance with minimalist icons and animations.

A number of capabilities are being brought with the software. Here is a rundown of the capabilities coming to OxygenOS thirteen and what they mean.

(AOD) Always On Displays

OxygenOS thirteen will convey a much broader variety of Always On Displays (AODs), presenting a more variety of customization so that you have greater alternatives to determine what you need to see in your show without you having to replace on and unencumber your device.

OnePlus has partnered with Spotify so that you can click on play in your go-back and forth playlist or go-to morning soundtrack with only a few taps. There is likewise a clever show that makes the music title, artist, and album simply to be had on screen.

Additionally, there may be a Canvas AOD that permits you to “draw the define of a photographed portrait, the usage of exceptional strokes”, at the same time as Bitmoji AOD “presentations a shiny image model of your self and your real-existence behavior, mirroring real-global and real-time situations”.

Meanwhile, Insights AOD presents a ribbon that measures the time you spend unlocking your phone.


Zen Mode is retained in OxygenOS 13, encouraging you to take breaks. The customizable feature permits you to set a particular quantity of time you may now no longer be stricken via way of means notifications, white noise, and different distractions. You also can set unique issues and sounds to match.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher makes folders and their contents large for your Home Screen, imparting simpler access. You’ll be capable of faucet and opening programs inside a folder, while not having to open the folder itself.

You’ll additionally be capable of uploading widgets on your preferred programs to take benefit of them out of your Home Screen.

Side Toolbox 

The Sidebar Toolbox is a sensible characteristic that gives clean get admission to all apps. You’ll be capable of personalizing what apps are featured too so that you could make it paintings for you.

HyperBoost Gaming Engine

The HyperBoost Gaming Engine is designed to supply a smoother and extra strong gaming revel while gambling-supported titles.

This function will make modifications to enhance gaming performance, like decreasing body charge fluctuation and enhancing a device’s contact reaction charge.

Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos

OxygenOS thirteen brings assistance for Spatial Audio, permitting you to regulate the course of sound in one-of-a-kind packages for a great experience.

The software program is likewise bringing assistance for Dolby Atmos, imparting a broader sound subject and the extra correct spatial notion of sound.

Fast Pair

OxygenOS thirteen has Fast Pair on board, permitting you to speedy connect with supported wi-fi earbuds and headphones, clever TVs, and extra in a count of seconds.

Stay secure wherever you are

OxygenOS thirteen may also convey progressed security. This will consist of being robotically warned of unstable packages and downloads. Additionally, OxygenOS thirteen will maintain your area secure, even if connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.

There’s Private Safe 2. zero on board too, which is a greater model of Private Safe, which secures data, documents, and media documents in a digital security in order that they can’t be accessed through different packages.

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